Media Convention Berlin

Some 150 international experts will discuss life in the digital world during the media congress.

The title of Konrad Lischka’s essay “Das Netz verschwindet” (The Internet Is Disappearing) makes you wonder a little. After all, it feels as if the Internet is taking up more and more space, and it is doing so in all spheres of public and private life. However, digital expert Lischka, the former deputy editor of the Internet World section of Spiegel Online, is not referring to the Internet we know today. He means the Internet as a medium of opportunity, as a platform for all kinds of different ideas, or in a nutshell: as a space for diversity. This diversity is being lost, warns Lischka, and just a few digital corporations now determine online reality. And Lischka is not the only person concerned by this development. The organisers of Media Convention Berlin (MCB) have also put this subject on the agenda – alongside others.

At the same time as the re:publica digital conference

How is it possible to guarantee diversity in the digital world? This and a number of other questions are being examined by roughly 150 international experts who are currently meeting in Berlin. It is the third year running that the MCB is being held in the German capital at the same time as the re:publica digital conference. The MCB brings together decision-makers from the digital industry and specialists from the media, research and politics. The organisers are Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg. Among others, the speakers include Luciano Floridi, professor of philosophy and ethics of information at the University of Oxford. He advises the European Union on data security and is a member of a group of experts that Google has asked to examine the consequences of the Europe Court of Justice’s 2014 ruling on the right to be forgotten. Whistleblower Edward Snowden will join in the panel discussion with Floridi via a live video link.

Media Convention Berlin on 2 and 3 May 2016