How to Find a Tandem Partner

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How to Find a Tandem Partner

One of the best ways to improve your German is to chat with a native speaker on a regular basis. Ever wondered how to find a German tandem partner online or in your town? Here are a few tips:
by Caitlan Carroll

1. Contact your local university:

Contact teachers in the university’s foreign language department. Seek out those who teach your native language, English or Arabic for instance, and ask if there are any German students interested in a tandem partner. You can meet and speak 30 minutes of your native language and then speak 30 minutes of German together.

2. Reach out to students directly:

Post an advertisement on the student activity board, often located near the university’s cafeteria. Be clear about what you’re looking for in a tandem partner and what you have to offer. How often do you want to meet? How long do you want to practice speaking each week?

3. Skype:

You don’t have to be in the same city as your tandem partner. Websites like Fluent Future offer free ways to find and connect with a language buddy using Skype.

4. Ask at language schools:

Language schools are a great way to find people looking for tandem partners. Ask if you can post an advertisement at a local language school or speak with a teacher to see which students might be interested.

5. Do an online search:

Websites like Sprachtandem pair up interested partners. Also, an eTandem partnership is offered at the Ruhr-Uni Bochum.

6. Above all, enjoy the exchange:

Everyone has a slightly different idea about how to conduct language exchanges. Some prefer informal tandem meetings where you practice speaking while doing something fun. Others like to have structured sessions to go over specific language questions. Seek out someone who has a similar style to yours. Chances are your tandem partnership will last longer than the first meet-up.

by Caitlan Carroll