Career Prep: Where to Learn German

Career Prep: Where to Learn German

Did you know that with more than 100 million native speakers, German is the most widely spoken language in Europe? In daily life you will also get on well in Germany with English. For your training placement however you should definitely be able to speak German. German is spoken in most companies and at vocational schools. You will also be taking exams in German.
by Clara Görtz

Goethe-Institut courses

The 160 Goethe-Instituts spread the German culture, language, and information on the country throughout the world. Their multilingual website has a large selection of German courses that you can take both in your home country and in Germany. You can even complete online courses. Some courses teach you how to pronounce German words or technical language from certain specialist fields such as business, law, medicine, biology, technology, and nature. Maybe you already speak a little German? You can test your language skills in a playful manner with the Goethe-Institut’s “Online-Memory”.


If you are from Europe and participating in the “MobiPro-EU” promotion program, you complete a German language course in your home country before your dual training scheme begins. Then, when you arrive in Germany to start your internship, you attend a German course here too. You can practice what you have learnt in daily life. As a rule you are not responsible for bearing the costs of a language course yourself; they can be financed through the support programme. A brochure in seven languages available for download provides more information on the programme and language courses.

Online language courses

If you would rather improve your German at home, or wherever you happen to be, you can learn German anywhere in the world in online courses. In addition to the Goethe-Institut there are many other providers of online language courses, for example the e-learning portal, available in the German language, “Deutsch-Uni Online” (DUO). Deutsche Welle also offers an online German course, which is free. You can train your auditory and visual understanding here with audio files and videos. Moreover, there are around 750 interactive exercises and tests available online, as well as worksheets and pronunciation aids. If you first want to check how good your German is you will find plenty of information on the German-language website “Online-Einstufungstest Deutsch als Fremdsprache” (onDaF).

Adult education center courses

If you are already in Germany and want to improve your language skills, Volkshochschulen, non-state adult education centres, offer a wide range of German courses. Take a look at the German adult education centres website. You can look up German language courses directly from their homepage (German only).

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by Clara Görtz