Germany is top

The PwC Young Workers Index measures the participation of young people in the labour market and (further) training programmes: Germany scores very well.

Germany leads the current PwC Young Workers Index together with Switzerland and Austria. The index measures the participation of young people in the labour market and in training and further training programmes. According to a study by management consultancy PwC in 35 OECD countries, if the other OECD countries succeeded in lowering the proportion of 20 to 24-year-olds not in employment or on training programmes to the level of Germany, most of them could substantially raise their GDP long term.

The three best countries were also able to maintain their low youth unemployment rates following the global recession. They owe that to their sound education systems, which promote vocational training and apprenticeships and ensure that as few young people as possible fall through the labour market net. Lowering the proportion of young people not in employment or (further) training would bring long-term financial advantages for those countries in the middle and lower part of the ranking. According to the PwC study the growth in the United States, Great Britain and France would amount to more than 2-3% of GDP, and as much as 7-9% of GDP in Turkey, Italy and Greece. Taken together for all OECD states, the rise in GDP could reach over US$1 trillion.

Source: PwC