Study in Germany: Tips and Tricks

Study in Germany: Tips and Tricks

Thinking about studying in Germany but have no idea where to start? From choosing a school to applying for a visa, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help prospective students make it happen. In this article, we’ll focus on preparing with information on applications, visas, and language skills.
by Nicolette Stewart

What do I need to do before I leave?  Do I need to speak German?  What certificates will I need?  How do I get a visa?  When you’ve preparing to study in a new country the number of questions can be overwhelming.  This checklist will help you find answers and take care of some of the most important steps on your way.

Does Germany recognize my school certificate?

You will need what Germans call an Abitur to attend a German university.  To find out if your school certificate (for example, a high school diploma) is recognized in Germany or whether you need to do additional work, visit the DAAD online admission database.  You can also find out more here.  If your certificate is not enough, you may need to take some additional exams.

Do I need to speak German before I come to Germany?

Yes, speaking German helps, but it isn’t required for every degree program.  Today, many degree programs are offered in English.  It will depend on what you are studying.  However, German skills will be important outside of the classroom as well.  Find out more about these requirements on

What about finances?

Foreign students in Germany have to prove that they can finance their studies and life there.  That means proving that you have financial resources—currently to the tune of 7,908 euro per year.  You can find tips for how to prove this here.

How do I get a visa?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions at Young Germany and we’ve written about it many times.  (How to Apply for a Student Visa, How to Apply for an Artist Visa, and How to Apply for a Work Visa)  You can find an even more detailed list of requirements and resources on

What about health insurance?

Health insurance is mandatory in Germany, and no university will accept you without it.  Your policy in your home country might be valid in Germany or you may need to find a German provider.  This is a very important box to check before sinking your teeth into the university application process itself.  Read more on the subject here.

I’m qualified.  Now how do I find the right school?

Finding the right degree program can be complicated.  The details can differ from school to school.  However, some things are standard (almost) across the board.  You could also try using our Find a University service here.

Now you're prepared for the first steps.  Go out and get started!  (And drop by our facebook page if you have any more questions!)

by Nicolette Stewart