Get Paid to Study in Germany: Deutschland Stipendium

Get Paid to Study in Germany: Deutschland Stipendium

High-achieving students from around the world can receive 300 euros a month and top-notch mentoring opportunities while studying at a German university.
by Caitlan Reeg

The Deutschland Stipendium awards highly talented students enrolled at German universities 300 euros a month and connects the scholarship winners to relevant mentoring programs, internships, and networking opportunities. The aim of the scholarship is to enable committed students to finish their educations and to go further in their fields, while at the same time helping to solve Germany's skilled-worker shortage. The German government is seeking new ways to build up a strong workforce as the baby boomer generation hits retirement age, leaving many positions unfilled. This scholarship tries to help students reach graduation ready to enter the career world.

Half of the Deutschland Stipendium funds come from the German government and the other half are donated from private individuals and foundations. Donors raised more than 24 million euros to support the scholarship program in 2014, according to the Ministry of Education and Research, and the number of students awarded the Deutschland Stipendium rose 14 percent to 22,500.


Students who are high academic achievers, socially engaged, and have clear career goals are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. Those who have struggled to overcome financial or social obstacles to their studies are especially good candidates. Around 48 percent of those receiving the scholarship in 2014 were women, and 7.5 percent were foreign nationals.

Applicants must meet the specific requirements set by the university where they are applying. Universities are responsible for reviewing students' applications and handling the allocation of scholarships. Not all universities participate in the program but more than 90 percent took part in 2014. You can find a list of all participating websites on the Deutschland Stipendium website.

Personal income and assets are not evaluated when determining eligibility for this merit-based scholarship. This scholarship may be received in addition to other merit- or need-based scholarships.

Scholarship Award

Students receive 300 euros. Around 150 euro comes from the private sector, and the German government matches that with another 150 euro.


The scholarship is generally awarded for two semesters but may be extended for the length of a student's academic program. Universities will review an applicant's eligibility after two semesters and determine whether enough private funding is available before extending the grant for a following two semesters.

Mentoring Opportunities

The Deutschland Stipendium is a special scholarship in that it does not only include financial aid but also often comes with mentoring opportunities. The donors who contribute to the scholarship funds include small and large businesses, clubs, associations, and private individuals. Many of these donors also become involved with scholarship recipients by offering internships or other networking options.


The deadlines vary depending on the university. See your individual university for specifics. General questions regarding the scholarship are answered on the Ministry of Education and Research website.

by Caitlan Reeg