The DMY International Design Festival Berlin

International product designers show their visions of the future under the motto Back to the Future.

Whether it's the remote control, your lamp or kitchenware – our everyday lives are dominated by the way things are designed. The DMY International Design Festival Berlin presents visions of the future. Under the motto Back to the Future, 250 exhibitors and 500 international designers are showing their works in a former power station in central Berlin: Kraftwerk Mitte. The designs that came out of the "Inside" Interior Design course at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague are highly experimental. Under the title Welcome to 2065, they discuss possible housing solutions of the future, e.g. from the angle of sustainability or interaction with public space. Will the people of the future live floating in the sky, or perhaps in micro-houses? Will they generate their own electricity or live in symbiosis with bacteria?

The oil press of the future

The young British designer Dagny Rewera, one of 25 participants in the New Talent competition, draws quite a cool picture of the future. Her lamp, called Frost, was inspired by the beauty, fragility and complexity of ice crystal formations. The object uses the light’s temperature fluctuations to melt and solidify an ice-like substance enclosed within a glass cylinder. As in the case of a frost pattern, individual structures form that make every object unique. Finally, the Daily Expeller from Taiwan is devoted to the future production of foodstuffs. It reflects the good old days when people spent more time and effort preparing food. The stainless-steel machine – whose retro-look is reminiscent of experiments from Frankenstein's laboratory – can extract oil for cooking from any seed or nut within 15 minutes.

DMY International Design Festival in Berlin from 11 to 14 June 2015 in Berlin