University Profile: Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Macromedia University

University Profile: Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

Macromedia University is a government-accredited university for media, management, and communication. With nearly 80 professorships and more than 2,000 students at six European campuses, it is a place for reflecting on all aspects of a" medialized" society, preparing students to act as navigators through the increasingly complex digital world. Undergraduate and graduate programmes at Macromedia University cover the spectrum of modern media careers, from management, marketing and communications to the creative fields of content creation and design. English-language programs are concentrated at Macromedia’s Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin campuses.
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Academic education at Macromedia centres around the idea of training students at the highest professional level while giving them individual support in their personal development. Besides a common set of methodological skills, each track of studies focuses on the specific practices of each industry. Throughout their studies students carry out practical projects, usually in cooperation with external business partners. In addition, undergraduate students have the chance to intensify the practical experience during a six-months’ internship.

Studying at Macromedia University is international by principle. Not only do undergraduates spend an entire semester abroad, choosing from fifteen partner universities worldwide, but studying at Macromedia can also follow a truly transnational model. Macromedia is the first university to offer the same study programmes in several locations around Europe, based on the same learning objectives and tested by the same exams.  Starting dates are 15 March for the summer semester and 1 October for the winter semester.

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An overview of Macromedia University BA Programs

Media and Communication Management: Media companies and agencies operate internationally, utilising global media formats, and the Bachelor programme Media and Communication Management (B.A., seven semesters, including one semester abroad) prepares students to meet their demands. In addition to general management skills, concrete fields of application are taught from an international perspective. The focus is on Brand Management and Advertising, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, Digital Media Management and TV Management and Broadcasting.

Media Design: The Bachelor programme Media Design (B.A., seven semesters, including one semester abroad) is the gateway to an extremely exciting and challenging digital design world. The various media require not only a constant input of new ideas and creativity, but also the ability to think in a clear, conceptual manner and work in a process-oriented way. Design Studies at Macromedia University teach students to turn complex information into visual images and cross-media formats. During the course, methodological knowledge is combined with in-depth technical production know-how and practical applications, using real graphic design tasks.

International Management: The Bachelor programme International Management (B.A., seven semesters, including one semester abroad) is part of Macromedia’s business school, focusing on the digital transformation of today’s corporate culture. The teaching combines a solid, comprehensive management training with an intensive introduction to the fields of media and communication. Modern, cross-skilled managers have become vital in today’s internationalised economy, where media and the speed of communication are as important as the fundamentals of good business administration.

An overview of Macromedia University MA Programs

Media and Communication Management: In the media sector, there is great demand for managers with strategic skills. Successful management of a media business and the development of media products require an extremely broad knowledge of social trends combined with business expertise. The Master’s degree in Media and Communication Management has an emphatically cross-media approach and develops entrepreneurial thinking and methodology. All facets of strategic and operational management are combined with in-depth knowledge of business administration, comprehensive project management know-how and practical application in the form of case studies.

Media and Design: Design thinking is at the core of this programme. Working in interdisciplinary teams, it is applied to real-time projects with the industry, where design and management merge into innovation. In creative professions, the demand for management knowledge and qualifications has risen sharply in recent years. The Master’s course in Media and Design is aimed primarily at designers who wish to apply a comprehensive understanding of design to real tasks and processes. Therefore, applicants from a completely different background are welcome, be they engineers, natural scientists or creative people.

Journalism:  Good writing skills are no longer enough to ensure success in the digital age, whether as an editorial director or a freelance journalist. In the Master’s programme in Journalism, students also develop management and leadership skills. They will acquire basic knowledge of media economics, learn to screen business models and develop an entrepreneurial flair. Concrete journalistic skills are taught with a practical application. Students will put different types of journalism styles to the test through a variety of different media forms, they will experience the process of proper research and learn to adapt journalistic content to various channels like online, audio or video.

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