Heidelberg: The historic uni-city

With its famous castle and beautiful setting–Heidelberg is popular with both students and the recent graduates who just can’t seem to leave.

City profile

Heidelberg's is distinguished by its beautiful scenery and its university. Located in the north of Baden-Württenberg, with a population of 145,000, the town sits along the Neckar river valley. On one side of the valley, the ruins of Heidelberg Castle overlook the historic Altstadt; on the other side is the Odenwald, a mountainous region that offers the intrepid explorer acres of nature.
Thanks to its position as a university town—and the fact it is home to several Max Plank institutes for research—Heidelberg is heralded as a hot business location for biotechnology as well as other fields of research and development.
The close relationship between industry and university makes Heidelberg a great place for young professionals to begin their careers. With so many students in one area, the education-to-industry transfer is very strong.

Overview of the universities

Ruprecht Karls University
Heidelberg University is the oldest university in Germany and also one of Germany's leaders in international higher education. Although its focus on humanities has been a key area since its founding, the university also enjoys great success in the sciences and medicine.

Fachhochschule Heidelberg
FH Heidelberg, a private institution offers programs in engineering and architecture not offered by the main university. 

Hochschule for Jewish studies
A unique institution in Germany that offers various courses in Jewish studies. HfJS has a relationship with Heidelberg University that allows its students to combine their studies with programs offered by the university. 


Hochschule for Church Music
An institution with the special focus of educating its students in the field of church music.

Hochschule for Education
This institution prepares over 4,000 students to be Germany's future educators.


Did you know?

Did you know that the inventor of the bicycle, Karl Drais, went to university in Heidelberg? And in the literary world, Mark Twain not only studied in the city, but wrote A Tramp Abroad about his experiences in Germany—he even mentions the Heidelberg Castle.

Things to check out

The castle may be a major historic site, but it also offers modern attractions that include a restaurant, café, and a theater. While you are there, enjoy a pleasant walk through the courtyard in the picturesque setting of the Neckar Valley - a sight that has inspired poets and writers from Goethe to Twain.

When the streets are crowded with tourists, one can retreat to the Philosophenweg, a walking trail on the other side of the valley where she can enjoy the natural surroundings and great views.

Useful links

Stadt Heidelberg is the official site for the city. Here you can find information regarding the castle theater, museums, markets and concerts.
The Amerika House of Heidelberg hosts numerous cultural events.
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Studentenwerk is a very useful organization for students. Their website offers information about student housing, finance, food and events.