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Düsseldorf: A city with an air of grandeur

Nestling alongside the mighty River Rhine, Düsseldorf is a city with an air of grandeur about it.

City profile

Düsseldorf is the capital of North-Rhine Westphalia. It is Germany’s second banking center after Frankfurt . Düsseldorf has also garnered itself the nickname “Japan on the Rhine”, with the second-largest Japanese community outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. Mobile phone network Vodafone has its headquarter on the riverfront and the traditional industrial giants ThyssenKrupp, Rheinmetall and Henkel operate here, too.

Furthermore, Düsseldorf is Germany’s premier location for advertising agencies.

On an international level, Düsseldorf is known as Germany’s fashion capital; art is also important here, with both public and private collections of world-wide note.

Overview of the universities

Düsseldorf’s main University is named after the city’s most famous son: the poet Heinrich Heine. Other than that, the city offers a University of Applied Sciences, an Academy of Arts, and a Musical University.

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Despite the boxy, often unattractive modern buildings, the campus is green and pleasant: it shares land with the Düsseldorf Botanical Gardens, and is as such a perfect research site for biologists. All the plants and greenery might just help to inspire the more artistically-minded students on campus, too: after medicine, the most traditional of choices, Düsseldorf’s biggest subject is German language and literature.

Fachhochschule Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences offers a completely different range of subjects. German literature and medical students will not find what they’re looking for here, but budding architects and engineers will be well taken care of.


Kunstakademie Düsseldorf
The Düsseldorf Academy of Arts is a public institution with a long and illustrious history. Several of the city’s main thoroughfares are named after its famous directors – Cornelius and Schadow, for example – and its collection offers an unparalleled view of German art through the late Enlightenment period.


Robert-Schumann-Hochschule Düsseldorf

The Robert Schumann University is, as the name suggests, Düsseldorf’s premier musical institution. Students range from classical musicians through composers to sound technicians, who complete half of their course here and the other modules at the University of Applied Sciences. The Schumann University gives frequent, high-quality concerts.


Did you know?

Düsseldorf is a seaside resort! Well, not quite. In fact, it’s a good 150 miles away from the nearest sea; but it does have beaches. The Düsselstrand, an artificial beach set up along the small Düssel River - complete with water-park, outdoor pool, and slides.

Things to check out

Düsseldorf is the perfect location for art fanatics. The K21 offers modern art from the 19th and early 20th Centuries; the latter is a far more modern affair.

Twenty minutes by tram to the South is Benrath, a pleasant little quarter with its diminutive palace and extensive gardens. To the north is Kaiserswerth, a delightful suburb with a ruined castle and some truly splendid pubs and restaurants.

Useful links

Cheap accommodation can be found here: duesseldorf.studenten-wohnung.de

The International Office is a good address for foreign students with questions.

The city’s homepage gives you plenty of interesting informations.