Darmstadt: Home to science and engineering exellence

Today, Darmstadt is home to some of the nation’s top science and engineering schools, unique architecture and a cozy pre-war artists’ colony.

City profile

Darmstadt has always been at the cutting edge of science and the arts. Home to top researchers, musicians, engineers and artists for centuries, today’s Darmstadt is the product of a unique fusion between artistic traditions and technological advancement. Here, chemists and aerospace engineers coexist with artists and architects. Futuristic centers of scientific research share the skyline with traditional buildings and turn-of-the-last-century architectural marvels. Grassy parks sit between busy streets. 

Artists flock to Darmstadt for training in design, to marvel at the Waldspirale and to find inspiration in Mathildenhöhe, an artist’s colony that dates back to before World War I.

Overview of the universities

Darmstadt University of Technology
Darmstadt University of Technology is renowned for its strong engineering, chemistry and computer science programs. Over 14% of everyone enrolled is an international student, and TU Darmstadt, as it’s known, has academic partnerships with more than 65 post-secondary institutions around the world. TU Darmstadt’s strengths in chemistry and medical engineering lead local employers to snap up the university’s graduates every year.


Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences
Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences — or h_da, as it brands itself — works hand-in-hand with local businesses and research partners to train its students on the cutting edge of engineering and computer science. The univerity boasts international exchange students drawn from more than 100 institutions abroad and is a leading producer of talent for high-tech firms.


Private University of Applied Sciences
The Private University of Applied Sciences has quickly grown to become one of the biggest private school of its kind in Germany


Protestant University of Applied Sciences
This state-recognized independent university was founded in 1979. The university is supported by the Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau and offers courses in areas including parish work and social work.

Did you know?

The party drug MDMA, better known as Ecstasy, was created in Darmstadt. Chemist Anton Kollisch synthesized the drug in 1912 while working for Merck.

Darmstadt’s claim to be the “City of Science” is pretty clear, but what about it being the “City of Science Fiction?” Nearby Frankenstein Castle, just outside the city limits, is thought to be the edifice that inspired Mary Shelley to write the novel Frankenstein after a tour through the region.

Things to check out

Head down to Luisenplatz, a center of the Old City, which has been transformed into a bustling downtown square. Restaurants, shopping centers, street vendors and museums abound in this area.

Darmstadt shows off its love of architectural innovation in one of Germany’s most intriguing buildings: The Waldspiral, designed by famous architect Hundertwasser.

The Darmstadtium Center for Science and Congresses is an eye-catching glass and metal convention center that host seminars, trade shows, lectures and other scientific gatherings to encourage innovation and discovery.

Useful links

Darmstadt’s Studentenwerk page gives plenty of info about studying and living in the city.

The city`s homepage, in German, English and French, is packed with information about Darmstadt and what to do when you get there.