Bremen: Excellence in the north of Germany

“Go with us to Bremen” – the famous line from the Grimm’s “Bremen Town Musicians” fairy tale is known across the world. So what are you waiting for?

City profile

Many large corporations, such as Beck's Beer, Kellogg's, and Kraft Foods maintain a major presence in this maritime trading town, while DaimlerChrysler and Airbus giant EADS have set up production plants here. Chocolate and coffee companies, radio stations, and high-tech firms offer jobs in business, the media, and research. Meanwhile, thousands are employed in the city's harbor and logistics business.

Overview of the universities

Bremen University 

Bremen University is cooperating with over 300 companies in the adjacent technology park. The university offers a wide range of subjects, many of which have been adapted into international English language programs. Departments include history and political science, engineering, neurological and cognition sciences, not to mention the Research Center Ocean Margins - and all have been successful in attracting millions in third-party funding.

Jacobs University Bremen

Founded in 1999, this is a private, international, and state-approved university. The Jacobs University offers courses in engineering and natural sciences, the humanities and social science. English is the primary language in both teaching and research.

University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Students are enrolled at this institute in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, nautical science, international business, ocean engineering, social service, and business.

University of the Arts

Art, music, design and theory are the four pillars of study at the University of the Arts. Subjects at the small school include drawing, sculpting, installation, new media, graphic design, 3-D design, fashion design, and music (incorporating both church music and music pedagogy).

Did you know?

Just pray you are in your teens or twenties when you come to Bremen. Tradition says that anybody who turns 30 and is still single has either to sweep the cathedral stairs or polish its doorknobs. This peculiar custom dates way back in history and just won't stop - probably because it is so much fun for your friends to drag you there on your 30th birthday and embarrass you in public.

Things to check out

Don't forget to bring your swimming gear with you. The Weser beach is not far from the city center and the North Sea can be reached within an hour.

If you don't like sunbathing, you may opt for a journey back in time while visiting the impressive ancient town hall and the cathedral.

The Schnoor is a former quarter of fishermen's homes and forms today's old city center which is well worth exploring.

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