Our partners for a cross-cultural understanding


The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institution operational worldwide. It promotes the study of German abroad and encourages international cultural exchange. It also fosters knowledge about Germany by providing information on its culture, society and politics.


The task of the ifa, a mediator of German foreign cultural policy on behalf of the Federal Foreign Office, is the fostering of cross-cultural understanding through international co-operation in all aspects of culture, and the furtherance of peace.

Deutsche Kultur International

'Deutsche Kultur International' is designed to guide you through German foreign cultural policy. It provides information on the main areas and organizations in international cultural exchange: schools abroad, libraries, German language, youth exchange, art, the media, and sciences.

'Deutsche Kultur International' is a project of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations.

Deutsche UNESCO Kommission

The German Commission for UNESCO has a liaison function for German Multilateral Foreign Cultural Policy. At the same time, it is a National Commission according to the constitution of UNESCO. It promotes international cooperation in UNESCO’s field of activities, i.e. education, sciences, culture and communication/information. UNESCO is the only UN Organization having National Commissions. The German National Commission involves German expert communities as well as German media into the planning, implementation and evaluation of the multi-faceted UNESCO programmes.