Partytime: The YG Club Guide

To say that German nightlife is vibrant would be the understatement of the century. From Hamburg to Munich, dance floors are packed until sunrise.


The capital of Germany might just be the party capital of the country as well. According to, Berlin is the number-three city in Europe when it comes to night-time partying. The vibrancy of the club scene is such that alongside established names such as the Berghain and SO36, there are innumerable other clubs worthy of a mention. Often, however, venues change and clubs close down only to reappear on the other side of town. Our advice is to hit the bars in Kreuzberg, or elsewhere, and ask around – you are sure to be guided to a suitably cool location.

For those that would prefer to take the tried and tested route head to the Berghain or SO 36.If hardcore techno is your thing, be sure to check out Berghain. Beware though; this place is notorious for having a tough door policy, so be sure you look your best when you head out. If you just don’t know what music you feel like listening to that night, then SO 36 (named after the former postcode of the area) is the place for you. With a range of music including hip-hop, folk, 80’s rock, and even salsa, this place is sure to please anyone with a diverse musical taste.


With over 80,000 students calling this city home, it is easy to see why Cologne is such a popular clubbing destination. 

For those interested in electronic music but who hate having to deal with huge crowds and uptight staff, Club Camouflage is the place to be. Here, you can listen to the best in progressive techno while hanging out in a relatively small and welcoming atmosphere. The best part of Club Camouflage is easily its location: the basement of the Artist Hotel Monte Christo, where you can find an inexpensive bed to crash in when the night is over.

For the funk fans among you, destinations such as Fifichoo and Nachtflug provide the bass driven grooves that you just can’t help dancing to.


Although the sexually promiscuous antics of Hamburg’s red light district are internationally known, the city offers plenty of other exciting nightlife options for those not interested in the erotic arts.

Hip-hop fans will love the Golden Pudel Club. This is one of the few locations in Germany where you can find casually dressed college students dancing with some of the biggest names in the German hip-hop scene. Just be sure you check the schedule in advance; this club has quite the habit of slipping in a punk rock act just to spice up the mood.

Hamburg also serves as a sanctuary for jazz fans. If you know who The Duke is, then you must spend a night at Birdland. Here, you can hear the best of Germany’s jazz scene as well as artists from all over Europe and North America.


Don’t let its cleanliness and family friendly atmosphere fool you, Munich has one of the most active and diverse party scenes in Europe.

Clubs such as Pacha, P1, and 089 are the places to see and be seen by the members of Munich’s elite. You are sure to have a memorable experience at one of these establishments, that is, if you can get in. Other hotspots, including Nektar, Eat the Rich, MilchBar, EdMoses, Rote Sonne, Babys and the M-Park cater to diverse crowds ranging from trendy to funky to hip-hop.

What makes Munich really special though is the area around the Ostbahnhof. Here, you can find young people hopping to and from nearly 30 different clubs. With such a large selection, even the pickiest music taste is catered to. You are guaranteed to find a place to hang out, meet new friends and have a great night.