Munich’s Lange Nacht der Musik

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Munich’s Lange Nacht der Musik

Once a year in Munich, visitors have the chance to visit the most diverse of concerts, with the cheapest of tickets. The Long Night of Music (Lange Nacht der Musik), like the Long Night of Museums, offers visitors the chance to see between 200-300 bands at over 100 venues across the city for just one 15 euro ticket.
by Nicolette Stewart

It is an evening for true music lovers.  Will the night begin with flamenco and end with cabaret?  Will you see an indie band just before ducking into a klezmer concert?  Will a classical performance in a church precede a hot rock n’ roll duo?  Soul, funk, jazz, pop, folk, punk, rock—you can find it all in one night, and for one price during this event in Munich.

A Long Night of Music ticket comes with a wrist band that also allows free transport on the shuttle buses, organized by the local public transport company MVG, that connect all of the evening’s participating venues.  Even if one concert is full, there is always another one waiting for an audience just around the corner.  The evening runs from 8 pm to 3 am, though certain venues are “open end.”

The event is organized by the Münchner Kultur GmbH, who began the tradition in 1999.  Each year the list of venues and artists grows.

Three traveling venues take music around the city—one a musical city tour, a second a concert and party in a bus, and the third the “Blues Tram” that offers music on the tracks.  For visitors interested in joining in, Play Me, I’m Yours is an interesting interactive element of the evening.  Scattered around the city—in parks, at train stations, and on bridges—pianos will be placed for the evening so that every corner has the potential to become an impromptu concert.

Though a night with so many possibilities is exciting, it can also be overwhelming.  The organizers’ advice?  “Don’t feel pressured by the large program.  Follow the flow, and spend time where you enjoy yourself.”

For more information on the next Long Night of Music in Munich, check out the event website.

Upcoming dates

The 2014 Munich Long Night of Music date has not yet been announced.  Check the event website for updates.

by Nicolette Stewart