Winter Olympics for everyone

Some winter Olympic disciplines are also on offer to amateurs. Part 1: bobsleigh, dog sledding and tobogganing.


A real white-knuckle ride can be enjoyed on a north-eastern slope in the Eastern Ore Mountains some five kilometres from Altenberg in the German state of Saxony: the Altenberg bobsleigh track is generally considered to be the most difficult and dangerous in the world. 1,413 metres long, the iced track features 17 curves plus one 320 degree turn. Pros can reach a dizzying 140 kilometres per hour here. Visitors set off from the juniors’ starting position, negotiating eleven tight bends at speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour. At the “Winter Formula 1”, experienced bobsleigh pilots treat passengers to a safe ride in a four-person sleigh.

Dog sledding

Nothing beats driving a team of huskies through powdery snow just like a real musher. Dog lovers can learn how at Germany’s first dog sledding school, Haus Waldschrat husky farm in the Bavarian Forest. 50 huskies are eager to take you on a trip through the winter wonderland.


Your sledge at home will not be up to this challenge: measuring 6.5 kilometres, the natural toboggan run at Wallberg in Rottach Egern is one of the longest and toughest in Germany. It takes around half an hour to complete the breathtaking run down tight curves and several narrow sections to the bottom. Its length and gradient makes this track extremely demanding, meaning that it is not suitable for small children.