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The “New Germans”

Diversity as enrichment: this is the message of a growing number of networks

Being a German – what does this mean? In Germany there are many people who broach this question, especially young people with an immigrant background. They have joined together in various groups and organizations and with their commitment pointed the way to diversity as enrichment. Four examples.

New German media makers
Members of this network are journalists and other media professionals. They champion balanced reporting that depicts Germany appropriately as a country of immigration – among other things by making immigrants more visible in the media. To this end the group has developed the “diversity finder”: an online platform on which editorial staffs can make targeted searches for interview partners from the professional world.

Deutsch Plus – Initiative for a Plural Republic
The aim of this association is to contribute to making plurality more strongly perceived as an opportunity. Using research findings to help break down prejudices sums up one of its approaches. The association is also committed to more equal opportunity in education and supports and counsels young people with an immigrant background in respect to schooling and education

Young Islam Conference
The Young Islam Conference is a dialogue forum for people between the ages of 17 to 25. It offers training and discussions in subjects related to Islam and Muslims in Germany and accompanies social debates with specific recommendations to policy makers and the public. Among its initiators are the Humboldt University of Berlin and the Mercator Foundation.

renk magazine
Guest authors are called here “guest workers”; at the magazine renk stereotypical attributions are taken with humor. The online magazine aims to depict and help shape everyday German-Turkish life beyond clichés. Emphases are art and culture. “renk” is Turkish and means “color”.