The youth fair YOU in Berlin

Europe’s biggest youth fair presents the latest trends in youth culture.

Wakeboarding, laser tag, YouTube: if you want to know what excites young adults, you should take a look around YOU 2016 in Berlin. Every year Europe’s biggest youth fair attracts thousands of visitors. Sport, fashion, music, life style and career are the focus.

In the area of sport, wakeboarding is up-and-coming. The equipment of the sport consists in a board that is strapped to the feet so as to glide on water. The rider stands sideways to the direction of the board and is pulled by a boat or a ropeway. In Berlin wakeboarders will show their artistic moves in a 1,000 square metre pool. Likewise in trend are laser tag and Nerf blasters, which enable targeting and fighting with concentrated beams or giant water pistols.

YouTube is the hit

A huge crowd for video clips from the teenage bedroom: even German YouTubers like Jonas of Ufone TV have more than a million subscribers. In short scenes he demonstrates to them how, for example, to separate from your girlfriend. With their goofing around, Avive HD and Melissa Lee (aka breedingunicorns) also bring hundreds of thousands of young people to sit in front of their computer screens. The names of the new click stars are “DieLochis”, “Die Außenseiter” (i.e. The Outsider) or “Gronkh”. You can watch them clowning around with friends or playing popular computer games. With four million subscribers, Gronkh has become Germany’s most successful YouTuber.

Not quite incidentally, 50 employers at the fair will offer tips on résumés and insights into various qualified jobs. Social institutions will present their outreach services and campaign for social engagement – for instance, through a voluntary social year.

Youth Culture Fair YOU, 8 to 10 July 2016 in Berlin