Innovations at the ifa

The ifa electronics fair in Berlin showcases trends in consumer electronics and household appliances.

How about a washing machine to which you can add laundry at any time, even during a wash? Or a food processor that switches itself off once the dough reaches the right consistency? These have long ceased to be mere visions of the future. At the ifa electronics fair, which will be held in Berlin from 2 to 7 September, electronics manufacturers will be presenting their latest ideas and products. Here’s a selection of the innovations from Germany.

The Swabian company Hama will be presenting two versions of a new hoverboard at the ifa: a slalom model for the road and a much more robust cross-cruiser version for off-road use.

Electroacoustic manufacturer beyerdynamic from Heilbronn has developed the DT 1990 Pro, professional headphones designed especially for working in soundproof studios.

Siemens has brought out a fully automatic coffee machine that can be operated via a smartphone app. This means you can order it to start preparing your morning cup of cappuccino while you are still struggling to get out of bed.

The compact WMF Kult X bread maker is only a bit bigger than a toaster, but features no fewer than twelve different programmes for home-baked bread. It also boasts a good-morning function with a timer, so that you can enjoy freshly baked bread in the morning – leaving no more excuses for people who really don’t like an early start.

The German hardware company TrekStor presents the i.Beat jump BT, an MP3 player and fitness trainer in one. It can count your steps and has a stopwatch function.

The food processor which uses a sensor to check the consistency of the dough and switches itself off when the dough is perfect comes courtesy of Bosch.

Alongside traditional products such as televisions, smartphones, tablets and domestic appliances, visitors this year will be eagerly awaiting the latest innovations in 3D printers, smartwatches and virtual reality glasses. According to the industry association gfu, streaming systems that send music wirelessly throughout the house are right at the top of this year’s wish lists.

Ifa fair from 2 to 7 September 2016 in Berlin