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German actors in international productions

Diane Kruger is famous as a Hollywood actress. But there are also less well-known German actors making internationally successful movies and series. Here is a selection.

Michael Fassbender © dpa

The Heidelberg-based actor has long been well established in Hollywood. Son of an Irish mother and a German father, he was on the cast of the highly successful American science-fiction series X-Men. He has also shown his talent as a character actor in Steve Jobs and in the classical role of Macbeth. 


Alexander Fehling © dpa

The Berlin-based actor had already had a major role in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, but his big moment came in 2015, when season 5 of the highly successful American espionage series Homeland was shot in Berlin. It featured Fehling as the lover of series heroine Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes.


Thomas Kretschmann © dpa

Fitness is a must for the 54-year-old from Dessau. As a teenager he was a member of the GDR's national swimming squad. In Hollywood he is cast in correspondingly action-packed roles, from the vampire film Blade to the jungle classic King Kong. 


Diane Kruger © dpa

Her international success as an actress came with a name change. After the model Diane Heidkrüger from Lower Saxony became Diane Kruger, famous directors like Wolfgang Peteresen and Quentin Tarantino casted the actress, who incidentally synchronizes her own voice, in many movies.


Franka Potente © dpa

After her fast-and-furious début in Run Lola Run, the actress from Münster was soon seen alongside such international stars as Johnny Depp (Blow) and Matt Damon (The Bourne Identity). Since then she has appeared mainly in American thriller series (The Bridge) and horror films (The Conjuring 2). 


Christiane Seidel © dpa

The daughter of a German naval pilot and a Danish mother has experienced a number of successes in the USA, for example in the renowned American TV series Law and Order and in the Boardwalk Empire series. By the way, she was casted by producer Martin Scorsese, no less. Her most recent appearance was in 2016 with Hollywood veteran William Sadler in the FBI thriller The Hollow. 


Antje Traue © dpa

Fantasy, science fiction, super-hero epics: the roles that Hollywood gives the actress from Mittweida in Saxony are not of this world. She learned her trade in Pandorum and Seventh Son from colleagues like Dennis Quaid, Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore. 


Thomas Wlaschiha © dpa

Being listed as the leading male actor in the Game of Thrones – currently the most successful TV series in the world – seems like winning the lottery to the actor from Saxony. And, of all things, he plays the role of the faceless Jaqen H'Ghar, who claims to be a nobody.