AppArtAward 2016

The Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM) honours developers of particularly creative and artistic apps.

Since 2011 the “AppArtAward” has been providing annual proof that mobile applications can be art. The competition for digital art was launched by the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM). In 2016 designers and developers from 17 countries, including Brazil, China, Japan, Canada, the USA and Vietnam, vied for the coveted prize with a total of 92 apps. This year the awards in four categories went to:

Special Prize “Connected Art” for Sacrificium by Joanna Dauner

Everything revolves around a candle in the Android application by Berlin student Joanna Dauner. A votive candle is lit when the app is activated. The challenge for the user is to use his/her smartphone exclusively for the Sacrificium app for two hours, otherwise the candle will go out.

Special Prize “Virtual Reality” for Raum by Sascha Haus

In two sequences, users of this iOS application encounter the limits within a closed space. In a virtual space, first the user is presented with unsolvable problems. In the second sequence the room dissolves stone by stone and the player seems to fly through an endless space. The jury praised the interplay of real and virtual worlds.

Special Prize “Art + Experience” for Mimics by Fabian Schaub and Thomas Krüger

The iOS app Mimics by the two game developers calls on players to mimic given facial expressions as precisely as possible. Opponents must try to guess which image is being mimicked. The challenge consists in reproducing details and nuances as accurately as possible.

Special Prize “Sharing” for thangs by Sammy Schuckert

Sammy Schuckert is co-founder and managing director of thangs GmbH. His iOS application offers users of the company’s network a platform for lending and exchanging things. The jury noted that this new communication model facilitates access to a sustainable approach to resources.