Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Starting a family, the work-life balance, and intergenerational lifestyle.

Work-life balance: Why success alone doesn't make you happy

It’s becoming more and more important for many people to reconcile family life with their career. Money and careers are no longer so decisive, especially for the new generation of fathers. Friendly colleagues and a good partnership are worth more to them than a successful career alone. 25% of fathers take parental leave from work.

Young family: What family means

The majority of young people want to have a family of their own one day, although today family can mean many different lifestyles – a micro-family, one parent with one child, the extended family, the patchwork or rainbow family. The desire to have children has increased: More than three-quarters of young people say: “Only a family can make me really happy in life.”

Young & old: How the different generations get on

Demographic change means that the number of elderly people is increasing. Young people’s attitude towards intergenerational justice is that neither the young nor the old should be put at an advantage or disadvantage. More and more young people are gaining an appreciation of the older generation’s lifestyle. 76% of the population will be older than 30 in the year 2030.

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