Return of conventionality

Cologne (dpa) - Fashion is determined by youth. They're the most likely to seize on abstract trends from the world's big cities, catwalks, lifestyle magazines and blogs and turn them into something that feels sort of right to wear.

2017 is all about the return of conventionality. According to experts from the German Fashion Institute, high-cut blouses, pearl necklaces and bulky pants are going to be the next big things in fashion. Here is an overview of the most important trends.

- Classic, elegant cuts: children are often embarrassed by the clothes their parents wore. From the 1980s and 1990s onwards, fashion has been characterized by freedom and experimenting with exposed midriffs and tattoos above the tailbone, for example.

People didn't want to grow up and expressed this through fashion. However, this mood can not last forever.

"The trend to false youth in fashion is falling down around us," says designer Carl Tillessen in his trend report for the German Fashion Institute.

The result is a reassessment of what's considered cool. A whole new generation is rediscovering their grandparents' wardrobes, realising that what grandma wore had class and elegance. And this is what they're now turning to.

If you're a mother or grandma, you might even remember some of the other upcoming trends, with a revival of 1990s fashion expected. 

Fashion consultant Andreas Rose predicts slogans, graphic patterns and big logos on sweatshirts, T-shirts and hoodies will be everywhere.

"It's hype for the boys, retro for the older generations."

- High necklines are sexy: this trend goes hand in hand with the upcoming focus on more modest clothing. Blouses and dresses with conservative necklines can be found in almost every collection, and the turtleneck is currently making a comeback.

- Go big, or go home: "Oversized silhouettes are going to be a huge trend," explains Gerd Meller-Thomkins of the German Fashion Institute. Belts and straps will be must-have accessories, bringing some form to extra-wide and oversized pieces.

In 2017 we will be seeing a lot of cropped, flared pants that expose the ankles.

When a new trend comes along, it does not mean that something else will disappear. 

The range of the garments that are considered as cool and hip is actually growing. Mueller-Thomkins cites tight leggings as an example, which have managed to stick around despite the trend for pants with more width and a higher waist, such as culottes.

- Patterns galore: trade weekly Textilwirtschaft has written about a "paradigm shift from minimalism to maximalism" in its analysis of the recent 2017 fashion shows. It's all about colourful patterns in a wild mix. Floral prints and stripes are the most common designs.

So what's new for 2017? Patterns in all styles have been widespread for several seasons, only now it's all about how they are combined. Flowers and stripes together make for a particularly crazy combination, according to the Fashion Institute.

- More imagination: The many floral prints and patterns promise a "new modern romance," says Mueller-Thomkins, referring also to a "floral fantasy." After years of soulless fashion marketing, consumers decided they wanted escapism and to feel something again.

This has found expression in flowing fabrics, delicate lace and even floral prints. Mueller-Thomkins also recommends fantasy prints, such as unicorns and fairies.

- Dress over pants: A new trend combination for the first half of 2017 could be a skirt or dress over a pair of pants, explains the Fashion Institute. This includes tunic-like dresses or longer shirt blouses.

This is a combination that has been seen on the catwalks in the past year, but it looks like 2017 will be the year that it breaks out to the masses.