Anglicism of the Year chosen

Berlin (dpa) - "Fake news" was named Anglicism of the Year by a German university on Tuesday in an annual effort to highlight English-language terms that have come to fill a gap in German vocabulary.

The term was chosen because of its "overwhelming and sustained public presence," linguist Anatol Stefanowitsch of Berlin's Freie University said, adding that the term won out against the terms "darknet" and "hate speech."

There is widespread concern in Germany that deliberately false news could impact the country's election on September 24 in favour of the rising anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which is currently polling at around 13 per cent.

The term "refugees welcome" won the accolade last year amid a widespread protest in Germany against xenophobic and anti-Islamic sentiment.

In 2014, the Anglicism of the Year was "blackfacing," amid a debate about the controversial tradition of white Germans putting on blackface for costume parties, Halloween and Carnival.