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Clever ideas against climate change

Solar Kiosks - Mobile Power for Africa

Mobile solar kiosks in Rwanda and other African countries create jobs and protect the environment. People use them to charge their cellphones and batteries or to access the internet.

Taking care of chimpanzees in Zambia

The Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage looks after chimpanzees that have lost their families – usually to poachers. The compound is spacious. The wooded preserve in northern Zambia resembles the chimpanzees' original habitat over the border in Congo.

In search of the Giant Squeaker Frog

Gilbert Adum loves frogs. So much so, that he has devoted his life to saving them. And in that pursuit, he is helping to improve local lives - and making his mark as a bit of an environmental hero.

Swamp thing: Saving Rwanda's marsh lands

Mosquitoes, crocodiles, stagnant water: Swamps don't sound like pleasant places. But they are important ecosystems that feed rivers and lakes, and are home to a host of species - as some in Rwanda are discovering.

Abused and killed for their bile

Because the bile of Asian black bears is big business, the animals are often abused and killed in bear farms throughout Southeast Asia. When the animals are rescued, Free the Bears gives them a new home.

Peru: threatened delicacy from the Amazon

The paiche is the largest carnivorous freshwater fish in the amazon region. And a delicacy. That threatens its population, which affects indigenous fishermen as well.

Graffiti artists help turn landfill into eco haven

Activists and inhabitants have banded together to turn an illegal dump on the outskirts of the Colombian capital Bogotá into an eco haven.

Endgame for the African penguin?

It's the only penguin species on the African continent. Once, they counted in the millions. Today, only 20,000 breeding pairs are left. An alliance of environmentalists wants to reverse this downward trend.

The saving grace of grass

Grass, in most forms, is overlooked as part of the fabric of our environment. But up close and deep down, there is rather more to it than meets the eye. In fact, it can be quite heroic.

Saving an alien in the Kazakh steppes

On the Kazakh steppe roams a strange creature - the saiga antelope. Poached for its horns, the animal is endangered. Now it's facing a new threat in the form of a mysterious die-off that is baffling scientists.