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Clever ideas against climate change

Rescuing Colombia's cotton-top tamarin monkeys

The cotton-top tamarin is at risk of extinction due to deforestation in its habitat, the Colombian rainforest. The NGO Proyecto Tití is fighting for their survival.

Foraging pigs’ uncertain future

In Serbia, Mangalitsa pigs dig up forest floors in search of acorns, helping create fertile alluvial soil. But pig herders are a dying breed. Is the tradition at risk?

Sea Cucumbers - Truffles of the Oceans

Gourmets in China pay crazy prices. One kilo of dried sea cucumber fetches up to 1-thousand US dollars. Breeders in Madagascar earn an extra income while at the same time protect the marine ecosystem.

Agriculture in Morocco: Insurance against losses through climate change

Southwestern Morocco has a huge industrial parc with more than 400 small and medium sized enterprises. 25,000 people are working in agriculture. The companies produce fruits, fish or argan oil. 90 percent of Morocco's agricultural exports come from here. But climate change is a threat for the firms. An insurance against damages through extreme weather may bring support.

Bees protecting trees

The elephant population in South Africa's Kruger National Park is growing by the year – which is good news. But there’s a problem. The elephants are devouring the park’s precious marula trees. So the park has enlisted some bees to help protect them.

Nepal: the new life of Dalit women

Members of Nepal's lowest castes have few opportunities to change their standing in life. The caste system was officially abolished in the 1960s, but little has changed since then.

Clean water thanks to sun, wind and technology

In northeastern Colombia water is extremely scarce. People in the La Guajira region send their children to a catholic boarding school where they can eat and drink for free. They have enough water there but it is much too salty. A small desalination plant from Germany may be the solution.

Mongolia's sheep are eating the future

In the Monolian steppe, almost 50 million sheep and goats graze the grass to its roots. A new system is aimed at managing use sustainably so vegetation has time to recover.

Solar systems make life easier for Georgian villagers

An energy cooperative gives solar-powered water heaters to a village in Georgia. This should reduce deforestation, because locals traditionally burn wood for heating.

Insured against the Storm

Weather extremes threaten the livelihood of small farmers and fishermen worldwide. On the Caribbean island of St Lucia, a unique Livelihood Protection Policy provides help. After a heavy storm, the insurance make sure that people get back on their feet.