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Clever ideas against climate change

Gentle giants: Peru's manta rays

Peru's coast is home to a large population of giant manta rays, spanning as much as 7 meters. Peruvian conservationist Kerstin Forsberg has managed to get them classified as a protected species and is trying to persuade fishermen not to catch them.

Palm Oil - cheap or fair?

From cookies and ice cream to soap and shampoo: every second product in supermarkets contains palm oil. New oil plantations grab land and destroy the environment in e.g. Sierra Leone. But there is a fair and environmentally friendly alternative way.

Pelicans as Business Partner?

Montenegro's Lake Skadar National Park is one of the Dalmatian pelican's last remaining European habitats. But it's under threat. Villagers hope the pelicans will attract tourists. That would be good for business. But is it good for the pelicans?

Web video: Sri Lanka's greenest hotel

Hotels in Sri Lanka are usually booked out. But many of the accommodations are energy-intensive and environmentally unfriendly. The hotel chain Jetwing is now trying to become carbon neutral by 2020 - largely by using a new type of air conditioning system. It uses biomass instead of electricity.

Easing the Human-Wildlife Conflict

Humans and animals live in close proximity in the Serengeti national park. The Frankfurt Zoological Society supports locals set up autonomous protected areas on the edges of the park.

Wastewater management in Cusco

The Peruvian city of Cusco is situated 3500 meters above sea level. Until recently, it stank to high heaven. Thanks to modern sewage management, its wastewater treatment facilities are environmentally friendly - and the stench has disappeared.

Web video: Return of the Tuna

Commercial fishing fleets are emptying the world's seas. It's an ecological disaster that is also threatening the livelihoods of many small local fishermen. In the Philippines, local residents are fighting to preserve their fishing grounds.

Solar Kiosks - Mobile Power for Africa

Mobile solar kiosks in Rwanda and other African countries create jobs and protect the environment. People use them to charge their cellphones and batteries or to access the internet.

Tackling Desertification with the Hima System

Only 4 percent of Jordan can be used for agriculture. The rest is desert – and it’s growing. A return to traditional pasture management could hep to top desertification and restore biodiversity.

Eco-Prison in the Caribbean

Green energy and prisons aren't exactly two ideas that appear to fit naturally together. But inmates at a jail on the Caribbean island of Grenada are learning how to turn dung into energy as part of their rehabilitation.