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About us

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YG is a service provided by Societäts-Medien GmbH in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin.



Keep up with YOUNG GERMANY and don't miss the latest news about innovation nation Deutschland. Meet high potentials from all over the world and be a part of our platform that provides career services, information and insider tips for your life in Germany. We give support.


On the publisher

Societäts-Medien is a company that develops and supports high-quality, in some cases cross-media communication solutions for corporate and public clients. As one of four divisions of Frankfurter Societäts-Medien GmbH, Societäts-Medien has many years of expertise in the field of corporate publishing projects. Frankfurter Societäts-Medien GmbH together with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) is in the possession of the Fazit-Stiftung foundation.

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We'd be delighted if you would like to actively take part in the debate on our website (in German or English, please).

We attach great importance to the use of a respectful and objective tone in all communication. Inappropriate posts and posts with illegal content or third-party advertising are not tolerated on our website.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to immediately delete any offensive, defamatory, violent, pornographic, racist or xenophobic entries in any form, and to report the sources and deny them further access to our services.

Welcome to Young Germany!

Young Germany debuted in 2005 at the Frankfurt Book Fair.  Since then we have been providing information about career, education, and lifestyle for German-o-philes around the world.  Thinking about studying here?  Interested in fashion?  Looking for a career in the sciences?  We’ve got it all.  The new site will help you to study, work, live, play, and focus in Germany.  We can even help you find an apartment.

If it is interaction you crave, then visit our facebook page, where we post about every aspect of German culture, discuss current events, share photos, and even occasionally offer some practice speaking auf Deutsch. Of course, if facebook is too longwinded for you, you can also find us tweeting at @young_germany.

Or would you prefer a more personal look at life in Germany?  On our blog you can find first-hand anecdotes from expats who have been there, as well as photos and wrap ups of current events.  (And psst, we’re always looking for new guest bloggers.)

Why is Young Germany in English?

This is a question we get a lot, and it goes back to our mission.  We want to provide information about Germany to young people around the world.  We want people who have just started learning German to have access to information as much as we want those already fluent to have access.  Never even considered learning German or visiting Germany?  We want to be able to convince you, and so we have chosen English in order to make the site accessible to as many people as possible.

Who is Young Germany?

Young Germany is a joint project of Auswärtiges Amt (Federal Foreign Office) and Frankfurter-Societäts Medien.  A small team of dynamic young writers and editors work behind the scenes to keep up-to-date information on your virtual doorstep.